Lorenzo Testa


T: +39 02 764 5651
E: lorenzotesta@studiolucchini.it

Lorenzo Testa is father to four marvellous children, who inspire him to face every day with intensity (there are never enough minutes in the day), consistency (children see it in your eyes) and generosity (they want nothing but the whole of you). And intensity, consistency and generosity are undoubtedly the values he brings to his professional commitment as a Chartered Accountant.

He started his professional life in Studio Lucchini in 1993, working alongside Piero Lucchini and Roberto Zambiasi. Over the years he has acquired thorough expertise in all the areas of his profession, from tax to accounting and business aspects. In particular, he has developed the capacity to approach problems in a realistic and practical manner, acquiring keen sensitivity in order to understand the actual needs of each client.

His correct and professional approach has often led to him becoming not only a trusted professional but also a trustee, tasked to resolve situations that are highly sensitive in both technical and human terms.

He also knows how to make an invaluable contribution during the start-up phase of new business initiatives, where it is necessary to evaluate multiple aspects, and in the dynamic management of family assets during a generational changeover.


Important entrepreneurial families

  • Appointments to manage generational changeovers with regard to real estate property

New Start-ups

  • Tax, corporate and financial advice and M&A operations

Joint-Stock Companies

  • Ordinary management under my own responsibility

No-Profit Organisations (Recognised Foundations and Associations)

  • Supporting no profit organisations in the fields of education, health, community work and science


  • Generational Changeovers
  • Business Management
  • Governance and Extraordinary Operations


  • Member of the Association of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Professionals of Milan (1998)
  • Member of the National Register of Independent Statutory Auditors (2001)


  • Degree in Business Economics from the Universit√† Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and the LUM in Bari


  • Italian
  • English