It is when you conceive something extraordinary, when you believe: that is when you really create and it is only then that the spirit goes beyond matter

Walter Bonatti

Governance and Extraordinary Operations

What is the most appropriate tool for starting a new business?
The first step is to support the entrepreneur in an overall assessment of the opportunities afforded by the new investment by preparing a Business Plan. The subsequent choice of legal structure depends on the client’s needs in relation to the degree to which their personal assets are involved and the type of business venture they intend to undertake. Other variables that should be taken into consideration are the size of tangible and intangible investments, number of shareholders, risks and type of sector the business intends to operate in and taxation. By combining all these factors we are able to suggest the organisational structure and tax system that are best suited to the entrepreneur who comes to us to start up a new business.

How do you deal with change management?
Often Studio Lucchini becomes a place of peaceful dialogue where the entrepreneur can, momentarily at least, leave behind operational and urgent problems and direct her attention to strategic and organisational aspects. We help our clients to decode weak signals, coming from within and outside the company, in order to have early warning of changes on the horizon and turn threats into opportunities.

What support can Studio Lucchini provide during the enterprise’s growth process?
In a delicate and challenging stage such as growth, we support companies in selecting and adjusting their corporate structure and in adopting more flexible and transparent structures to reflect their changing needs. The arrival of new shareholders who bring new financial resources should be encouraged with efficient and transparent management. One of our duties is to guide the entrepreneur towards accountability, namely sharing decisions, the objectives set and results obtained with stakeholders.