It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves

Sir Edmund Hillary

Business Management

What types of clients does Studio Lucchini cater to?
Our clients are mainly small and medium enterprises that are deeply rooted in the territory. We accompany them through all the most important stages of their lives: from incorporation to their development, from the role of ownership in management and in strategic choices to the importance of innovation policies and internationalisation.
The aim is always to assist entrepreneurs in making the various decisions by providing them with all the necessary information: from tax to economic information and corporate to financial information, in order to sustain their competitive advantage and growth strategies.

What are the main concerns of entrepreneurs?
During the various stages of a company’s life an entrepreneur is always faced with change and uncertainty, which make the various decisions to be taken even more complex. In this context, it is essential that the relationship between Studio Lucchini’s professionals and corporate clients is based on mutual trust.

How does Studio Lucchini deal with these concerns?
Listening, being available and confidentiality are all essential qualities in the relationship each of our professionals has with entrepreneurs and with clients in general. Only by developing profound empathy with our clients are we able to understand their needs and give them targeted responses. This is because each client is a case apart and each requires customized solutions.

Regular reports enable clients to constantly have economic and financial control of their enterprises.