Who climbs higher, sees further and who sees further, dreams longer

Felice Bonaiti

No Profit

What are the main reasons that drive entrepreneurs into this sphere?
The desire to create something that lasts, to leave a trace and be remembered; these are the main reasons that drive an entrepreneur to enter the no-profit sector. Many older entrepreneurs also nurture the idea of giving back to the community they worked in something of what they have received during their lives.

What no-profit areas are you most often involved in?
In the no-profit sphere we follow organisations whose purposes include charity, medical research but also recreational and cultural initiatives. These are areas that are continually growing. This is demonstrated by the success of the “5 per mille” and interest in new forms of fund raising such as crowdfunding. We advise each organisation according to their actual needs.

What impact does taxation have on no-profit initiatives?
Again the issue is to find the most appropriate instrument for the type of activity. In light of the fact that there is mismatch between common perception of the no-profit world and that of the Italian tax authorities, those who want to do good primarily pay most attention to their philanthropic motivations while the Italian tax authorities attach great importance not only to tax obligations but also on the formal correctness of administrative obligations, so these should not be overlooked.